The main objective of the workshop is to facilitate the exchange of valuable information between experts in vacuum extension diagnostic systems, concerning design, installation, operation and maintenance solutions. This collaborative effort is set to play a vital role in the seamless execution of these vital diagnostics.

The workshop agenda (ITER_D_9R7URQ) includes the following main areas of discussion:

  • Standardization of load specifications and best analysis practices;
  • Innovative solutions for vacuum extension systems:  to share the latest developments in design solutions for various components of vacuum extension systems, including bellows, feedthroughs, baking procedures, detector cooling, etc;
  • Design and integration good practices including EMC;
  • Installation and maintenance strategies: to get in-depth information on installation and maintenance strategies. Topics include ISS/PCSS connection and disconnection procedures, SIC inspection protocols and leak testing methodologies.
  • Diagnostics commissioning procedures and operational modes.


The non-exhaustive list of involved diagnostics is:

  • XRay systems (E5, ED, EI, E7);
  • VUV systems (E3, EG, EH);
  • Thomson Scat. systems (C1, C2);
  • Neutral Part. analyser (E8);
  • Dust Monitor (G9);
  • RGA (G4).


The agenda of the meeting is available on IDM: 


Presentations will be uploaded in the folder: 

ITER Site Meeting room – 022/B81 Route de Vinon sur Verdon 13115 Saint Paul les Durance FRANCE
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