The ITER Organization (the IO) has launched a procurement for the Hot Cell Facility Project Integrator. The Call for Nomination procedure is on-going until January 28th  (link). 

In this context, the IO is organizing a virtual Information Day to present this procurement to the industry and to potential candidates.



The online event will take place on 24 January 2022 (Monday), from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm CET (UTC+1). 

It will be held via Skype  (to be instructed by the IO to the participants later).

The event will include an overview presentation of the technical features of the Hot Cell Facility (the HCF), planned scope of works for the Project Integrator (the PI), main skills and experience, as well as Hot Cell project roadmap and organization, and a focus on PI Procurement program. The speakers will also address questions from the audience during the questions and answers sessions. 


PI Info day : Registration required

To participate in the Information Day, register online before 8pm, CET time on 20 January 2022 by fill-up the form available here (link), and available on the ''Registration'' tab and at the bottom of this page.

In order to help us to prepare the virtual Information Day adequate and address the topics you would like to heard about during the Information Day, please fill-up the questionnaire associated with the online registration (answers are required for registration, and answers to this questionnaire will not be used to evaluate your company’s technical capability for the tender evaluation.).

The number of participants may be limited due to technical reasons.

No information shared with the companies in connection with the Information Day by the IO and no answers received for the Questions for the Industry will be binding.


Time table and Program:
PI Info day time table and program is available here (link)


Preparation and material:  
In preparation for the Information Day, please see the documentations provided in the Call for Nomination on IO website ( It includes notably the Technical Summary, an appendix 2 related to conflict of interest, and a short version of the HCC design brief in appendix as well.

In addition, support to the PI info day presentation will be uploaded on this webpage after the event. 



For clarity purpose, please be informed: 
- There will be no one-on-one meetings planned during the Information day.

- Questions can be asked by email at
- IO answer to questions asked by email will be distributed to all participants. 
- For confidential matters, please mention it explicitly.