Nohgaku: A lecture/performance

ITER Amphitheater (ITER Organization)

ITER Amphitheater

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An excellent opportunity to learn more about one of Japan’s oldest traditional
performing arts, “Nohgaku”.

Nohgaku was designated a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008 and is a historical representative of the tradition of Japanese performing art.

We hope you will join KANO Ryoichi, a noh performer from Japan’s Kita-School as he leads a group he’s brought with him to share both performance elements and discussion about the art form.


  • About noh: a brief history and overview.
  • The chant and dance of noh.
    • Following a short dance demonstration (shimai) We will explain the building blocks of noh movement, “kata.”
  • The instruments of noh
    • The music of noh (hayashi) features four instrumentalists. We will introduce each instrument and demonstrate
  • how they are used.
  • The masks and costumes of noh
    • A demonstration and explanation of how a noh performer is  dressed, from the kimono to the donning of the mask.
    • We will invite 2 members of the audience to get the rare opportunity to try on a noh mask.
  • Noh Performance
    • We will present an excerpt, in full costume, of the noh “Hagoromo”
    • Cast: Shite (protagonist): KANO Ryoichi, Waki (deuteragonist): ARIMATSU Ryoichi, Ji-gashira (chorus leader): IZUMO Yasumasa
    • Fue (noh flute):SUGI Shintaro, Kotsuzumi (shoulder drum): NARITA Soh, Otsuzumi (hip drum): SHIRASAKA Yasuyuki, Taiko (stick drum):YOSHITANI Kiyoshi
  • Question and Answer with performers.

Seating in the Amphitheatre will be limited based on the Covid-19 restrictions currently in place.

Please note that you will have to register yourself and your family and that it is open to children over 12 years old only. 

The starting time of the show is at 17:00, therefore please plan to arrive at the Amphitheatre at 16h45 or shortly thereafter, to ensure that the program can begin on time.

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