General procurement strategy for the Engineering Design of Port Integration Facility (PIF) and tooling


The ITER Organization (the IO) is organizing a Virtual Information Meeting with the interested potential industrial players in the related countries to present the general procurement strategy for the Engineering Design of Port Integration Facility (PIF) and tooling.

The online event will take place on 5 October (Tuesday) from 14:00 to 15:00 CET.

The event will include an overview presentation of the Diagnostic Ports (Port Plugs, Interspace Support Structures and port Cell Support Structures) to assemble, and the planned scope, schedule and required competences for the Engineering Design of Port Integration Facility (PIF) and tooling, the general procurement strategy, the tendering conditions and the envisaged contractual model.

The speakers will also address questions from the audience during the questions and answers session.



The agenda of the event is as follows:

  • 14:00 – 14:30 Presentation by IO
  • 14:30 – 15:00 Questions and Answers session

Note that the deadline for registration is 28 September 2021.

The terms of participation will be then provided by e-mail to the registered participants.

  • Adrien Bommenel
  • alain BAUDRY
  • Alexandre Blanchard
  • Alexandre Felt
  • Ana Belén Del Cerro
  • Andoni Isasti
  • Bernard BLANC
  • Bhagyashree Ingle
  • camille cormouls houles
  • Chirag Kareliya
  • Christian Jensen
  • Christophe PERREUX
  • Enrique Picornell Perez
  • Fernando Mirapeix
  • Hadrien Magnino
  • Henrik Jakobsen
  • Jean-Baptiste Wattecamps
  • Jean-Claude Cercassi
  • Jean-Luc FOURNIE
  • Jon Pardo
  • Jungbae Kim
  • Lucas Mejia
  • Ludovic GONZALEZ
  • Luis Maqueda
  • Mahfoud BEGHDADI
  • Mariles Sobrino
  • Pandurang Bhosale
  • pascal languille
  • Pengyu WU
  • Philippe ADNOT
  • Philippe OLIVIER
  • Romain Garrigue
  • Sabine PORTIER
  • Sarbjeet Singh
  • Simon Dunford
  • Simon Stewart
  • Stephane PERINELLE
  • sébastien oliveira
  • Søren Korsholm
  • Thomas Sala
  • Vianney Chapuis
  • Vincent GUIBERT
  • Wang Yang Wang
  • Yannick Bonnet
  • Yoan BAIZET
  • Yves LUCAS