This session is for all who is Permit Holder or Work Supervisor (with or without access to eVision) also it has dedicated section for Contractors' Safety Leader to train them as Trainers for Level 1 PTW/LOTO Fundamentals


The general concept is to train all people working at site for PTW and LOTO processes (not just use of eVision) in 3 different levels:

  • PTW and LOTO Fundamentals: All who do work on site: workers.
  • PTW and LOTO for Permit Holders / Work Supervisors: each Task Supervisor / Work Supervisor who acts with the responsibilities of Permit Holder in the field as per ITER PTW Procedure
  • PTW and LOTO for PTW approvers and LOTO Teams: for all personnel, who has an approving role in ITER PTW (Member of Permit Verification Group (PVG), Permit Verifier, Permit Authorizer, Permit Issuer) and all persons, who has a role in LOTO process (Isolation Authority, Isolation Supervisor) (electrical and mechanical)


The training for workers can be done by Contractors’ representative after completing the dedicated training session (this one).


Let’s make together ITER site a safer place to work!


Contact: if you have questions

Building 80.1 Room 320
Registration for this event is currently open.